There are tons of reasons why gays are called gay! We are lighthearted, we are colorful like a rainbow, and we are carefree! As someone who has been in the adult service industry, I can enumerate a long list of the things that we do better than other genders. Don’t even get me started with how awesome we are at giving oral sex, because you will run out of breath.

My name is Angel and I have been in the industry for 10 years. On most days I am at the gym working out, and at night I provide excellent service to my clients. I am proud of what I do, and I know many of you are eager to know what it is like to be a gay hooker, so I squeeze in some time to make this website fab for you guys!

I manage to hire a few people to help me with amazing content that varies from self-care guide, workout routines, sex toy reviews, and other tips that can help you jump start your career. We also advocate gay pride of course! Yass Queen! I encourage everyone to be interactive by participating in some of the activities that we post, leave your comments on some of our discussions, and share your own stories for a feature!