What is a Butt Plug?

While dildos and vibrators can be up to 8 inches long, if not longer, butt plugs are typically much shorter. Because these devices are simply “plugs”, the length is not as important as the girth and overall shape. There is almost always a flat circle, a wide rod, or a circular ring at the base of the butt plug. This is to simply keep the inserted butt plug from sliding into the anus completely!

How to Use a Butt Plug

The sphincter muscles in this case are under constant tension due to the shape of the butt plug. In general, this means that you don’t have to constantly insert and remove the butt plug for pleasure. Just leaving the butt plug in place will feel amazing!

Can I Wear a Butt Plug All Day?

This is another great way for how to use a butt plug, if you so desire. Using a butt plug in public is great for having a “full” pleasing sensation throughout the day. The best part about it is that you can literally go through your entire day without thinking twice about it. Just slip it in before you leave your house, and remove it once you get home!

What is a Vibrating Butt Plug?

For an even more intense sensation, the butt plug takes a step forward with the vibrating butt plug! It simply takes the concept of a butt plug, and that of a vibrator, and puts it all together! The “full” sensation when an anal toy is in your backside really takes on new sensations when combined with high-frequency vibrations!

Are there other anal toys?

Once you have gotten use to your small, starter plug, you are ready to move onto other types of anal play, or bigger plugs! Even though you can now take a slightly larger toy though, still use your smaller toy to help yourself warm up, you should always work your way up with sizes in order to avoid injury. There are rimming plugs, weighted silicone plugs, princess plugs, anal beads just to name a few.