The experience was so full, sensual, and warm that I could feel my confidence and felt totally at ease. All things considered, my experience in reading the contents in this site was a truly outstanding experience.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading almost everything about gay hookers. Being a gay hooker myself, I consider myself a newbie to this scene. My expectation and desire for myself was spontaneity and I was not disappointed! This is the real thing. I was able integrate my fetishes and my submissive side in a safe and non judgmental space.


This is my go-to guide site for my hooking work! Reading the materials in this site was an educating experience to each session. My client’s non-judgmental approach and expertise in fetish training (which is from this site also) allowed me to easily help him and explore and fulfill his most dark desires, all while making it fun and comfortable.


As a gay hooker, I found it hard to adjust in this vocation at first. But when I read the guides and tips in this site, it was smooth then. It was my friend who recommended me this site. He asked me to to check out the contents, and boy I did not regret it! I have to say this stuff here is legit and has resulted to two guys that are EXTREMELY happy!