How Long Can You Keep a Butt Plug In?

Butt plugs can be some of the hottest adult anal toys to try if you are single or coupled. They are the best way to train for anal penetration! You can use them to tease yourself, and they can even do a pretty good job of simulating double penetration. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! However, before you decide to jam it in there or let someone insert it for you, it’s best to do some research first.

There are some things you’ll need to know before shoving a butt plug up your back door. First, check out some of the basics below, and then, you can proceed without being too, shall we say, anal about it! 

How Long Should You Keep a Butt Plug in For?

If you are just beginning to explore your asshole and all the things you can do with it, you should start with some gentle fingering. That way, you’ll get used to the sensation, and your booty will be ready for bigger toys. 

Once you get a butt plug of the perfect size and fit, slide it in! However, keep in mind that all people are different. Some women and men will be able to handle the biggest toy straight away. However, others will need to start slowly. 

If you’ve never inserted anything into your bum, you won’t know your limits. That’s why it’s essential to get to know your body first. Inserting a butt plug is not as easy or comfortable as it may look in porn or elsewhere. 

If you’ve never stretched your asshole before, it’s possible that you’ll experience mild pain. So take it easy at first and keep the plug in for only a few minutes. Additionally, if you get used to the sensation quickly, don’t go overboard. 

Medical professionals and manufacturers recommend that you should only use these anal sex toys for two to three hours at maximum. If your partner insists that you keep it in for long periods and wants to dominate you that way, communicate and let them know about your limits.  

Sleeping With a Butt Plug

While it sure sounds hot to stay plugged overnight, it’s not advisable at all. Even though you may encounter people who brag that they leave their toy in every night, it’s better to trust the medical professionals. 

First of all, this toy will apply pressure to the sphincter and the anal walls. That means it can block the blood flow. To make things worse, the rectum doesn’t have sensory receptors, and people may not be able to sense if there’s a problem. That’s why the 2–3-hour limit is recommended. If you’re still not convinced, note that you lose consciousness while sleeping. Even with the anal plug in, you won’t feel it at all while asleep. 

So even if you feel tempted, don’t disregard the risks — it’s not worth it. You can always slip it in the moment you wake up and rest easy knowing that you’re safe. 

Wearing a Butt Plug Outdoors While Doing Other Activities

One of the best things about butt plugs is that you can keep them in your bum and wear them in public. That is incredibly sexy because no one will ever know it. That can be your naughty little secret, but it’s also incredibly hot if you are coupled. Then, your partner will know that you are plugged when they are not around and that nobody else is aware of it.

While this toy can make a boring trip to the grocery store incredibly dirty, just make sure not to wear them for too long or during any intense physical activities. 

Also, find a toy that your anal sphincter can grip firmly. If it falls out, it can cause an embarrassing situation in public. You can also choose to wear your toy with a thong for additional support. After that, it’s up to your imagination. Try to stay plugged while driving, visiting the bank or any other establishment, and during other daily activities. The hottest thing to attempt is to have a fun night out while wearing one or even go on a date. But the biggest challenge of wearing sex toys in public will be to hide your excitement and emotions. Still, that can be an incredible turn-on!

Tips on Wearing a Butt Plug for Prolonged Periods

If you’re thinking about long-term wear, don’t try it before you get entirely comfortable. What’s more, if the pleasure is just too good, try to stick to the limit of 2–3 hours. 

Contrary to some misconceptions, the chances of getting your plug stuck or having a gaping asshole from long-term wear are quite low. However, those that overdo it could experience pain, straining, or even ulcers. It’s best to keep track of time and take the toy out if you experience discomfort. 

And for long-term use, your butt plug will need to be a perfect fit. Always pick one that is a bit shorter than the one you’re craving! If it’s too long and thick, it could fall out. Moreover, non-porous silicone and metal are better choices as opposed to glass plugs. Silicone plugs, for instance, are quite easy to maintain, last longer, and feel incredibly comfortable. Plus, anal plugs that have a T-base are much more effective for prolonged use. 

Another smart tip is to keep your asshole and your butt plug lubricated. In general, water-based and silicone products are the best for anal penetration. However, lube doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to keep your ass plugged for hours on end. Try to avoid oil-based products as they are not indented for anal sex. Also, give it your best to resist the temptation and remove the plug frequently. It will be much hotter to hold back and to tease your asshole by removing and inserting the plug often rather than worrying about health concerns. 

Final Thoughts

Butt plugs are undoubtedly the best toys for anal play. If you know how to use them correctly and safely, you won’t be able to stay away from them! Now that we’ve shown you the basics of wearing them, you can go find the best toy for you and have fun! Oh, and don’t forget to visit loveplug’s board for some butt plug inspiration.


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