How to Use Butt Plugs Effectively

This is a sex toy designed to be used during sex with a partner or individually. By stimulating the nerve endings of the anus brings sensual sensations. The classic shape of the toy has a cone-shaped shape, a sharp nose, a stop prevents the sphincter from falling out of the muscles, and a wide part (stop) at the base for ease of extraction and preventing falling into the anus.

What an anal plug is needed for:The ideal scheme for applying an anal plug is the traditional sex of a man and a woman. With the introduction of the anal plug in the anus, the diameter of the vagina narrows and this leads to stronger sensations of men and women. Also butt plug can be used individually, with masturbation regardless of gender. Special anal plugs for wearing can be used at any time, then any of your movement will be fun. Do you know how to deal with stuck buttplug? What to do?? Then follow the followings.

Misconceptions when buying anal plugs

Technically, it can be used to prepare the anus. But for this function is not intended. A simple comparison will help you understand the essence. For example, the screw can also be tightened with scissors, but it will be easier with a screwdriver.

Use for this other analtoys : anal dilators or anal stimulants.

Misconception number 2.  Butt plug stimulates prostate in men

The physiological characteristics of the male body and the location of the prostate gland make it impossible to influence these zones with a classic anal plug. Use for this purpose special massagers (stimulants) of the prostate.

Misconception number 3.  Butt plug helps prevent hemorrhoids

This is not just a delusion – it is a myth. Do not use anal toys for any diseases in the anus. And remember that they are not a prophylactic for hemorrhoids. For any diseases, you should consult a doctor!

Misconception number 4. Butt plug will help improve spermatogenesis

Sperm production occurs under the influence of hormones, stimulation of the anus or has nothing to do with these processes.

Tips for choosing anal plug

There are five main factors that are important when choosing a butt plug. Priority to arrange for you, we just indicate them and designate priorities.


Beauty, shape, material, size and price

Let’s start with beauty, to decorate intimate relationships, use butt plugs with a tail , or anal jewelry jewels ( butt plugs with rhinestones). These toys are more suitable for making a playful note in the sexual process. Fancy sex toys like these are great butt plugs, you can find good quality ones at

Butt plugs of the classical form, as shown in the picture above, are the best and practical choice. But there are other modifications you choose. But the first choice is better to stop on the classic version.

Material is the most important characteristic. From soft cyber leather to solid glass or metal what do you like? Soft anal plugs are quite difficult to insert into the anus, and hard ones can traumatize the delicate mucosa. Silicone is becoming ideal and popular lately, but it is quite expensive. PVC has a medium price niche and elasticity, but often it has a strong odor. When buying your first anal toy, we advise you to look into our retail stores and try everything by hand. The good thing is that the presence of testers is quite large. You can also visit one of our trusted online store with a lot of awesome butt plug collections to choose from.

Size – here everything just move from smaller to larger. When using for the first time beware of large sizes.

Vibrators, advice on choosing

Today there is a huge number of vibrators, the difference of which lies in the shape, color, functionality, manufacturer and so on. Each model is good and special. Therefore, before you buy a vibrator, you must first understand what’s what. The durability of the vibrator depends on what material it is made of.

Vibrator – material types

Sex toys, first of all, must be environmentally friendly, safe and comply with all European standards and norms.

Silicone and gel vibrator

Silicone and gel types of vibrators are considered one of the most practical. They are hypoallergenic, do not need special care and are suitable for daily use. Often the surface of the device is smooth and elastic.

Vibrators Cyberskin

This type of product is distinguished by its realism. Such vibrators most of all resemble human skin, both by touch and by external data. But cyberskin need to regularly care.


Such toys are quite solid. But, in spite of this, the material is very practical. It is easy to clean and can be stored for a long time.

Latex Gel vibrators are often very colorful, they often attract the attention of women. The surface is smooth and flexible, ideal for sliding on the body. After use, you can wash with any means at hand.


Devices of this kind can be found not as often as all of the above, because they have a hard surface and not all find them convenient to use. The material does not bend, perfectly keeps its shape. These vibrators are considered the most economical.

Metal. If you like games with temperature, then this sex toy is exactly what you need.

What are the forms of sexual products?

The form of the vibrator does not always indicate its purpose. There are options similar to the male member, there are also those who saw that, it is not immediately possible to understand that this is generally a sexual product. Every person who decides to order a vibrator chooses a device based on their own preferences and wishes. Let’s see what kinds of products are.

  1. Hi-tech: These are vibrators that have a rather non-standard form, they are multi-functional, and with their help you can put into practice virtually all intimate fantasy. The devices have several processes, they look unusual visually.
  2. Vibro Eggs: One of the most versatile vibrators. The length of the device is slightly more than 5 cm. Often used in conjunction with other sex accessories, although it can be exploited separately.
  3. Vibrator butterfly: This device, which aims to stimulate the clitoris. It can be mounted on the body due to the corresponding belts. Suitable for joint use with its second half with foreplay and the most sexual intercourse. Given this, the antennae of the butterfly will stimulate the clitoral zone, while the convex legs caress the vagina.

Vibrator sex shop: the most unusual options

Vibroshorts: The product has a pocket for vibropuli. Also available with a special insert with vibration. Panties will help to achieve the strongest orgasms, not only being in the bed. You can wear them anywhere and anytime, at will activate.

Mini vibrators: These are accessories to receive pleasure even from the minimum size. The shape of the product can be non-standard or phallic. For example, lipstick, key chain or mascara are considered interesting variations.

Rings: This is the case when there is no need to hold a sex toy in your hands, which is very convenient. As an option, it may look like a nozzle on a finger or a ring. And although the device is quite small, you will never lose it, and you will enjoy the ease of use.

Large vibrator for fisting: It is very pleasant to experience expansion, and if it is also combined with vibration, then the sensations will become simply unique. Fisting toys are large, some models tend to expand. Can be used for oral and anal caress.

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