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Tips on How to Become a Better Adult Entertainer

You’re looking for a new job, aren’t you? Working in customer service is not really your thing, and while coding sounds like a nice job, it’s too boring to study for you to study it. Now, you’re looking at your options while other people, you notice, are looking at you. Well, gorgeous, it’s time to capitalize on those eager looks you’re drawing all the time!

Many think being an adult entertainer is an easy job to do — you just need to look nice, right? That’s far from true. There are several top tips you can use to go from an average to a great entertainer and draw more attention. The first thing you need to do is find an angle on how to satisfy your customers.

Get to Know Your Audience Ahead of Time

Now, obviously, there are several ways one can interpret the term “adult entertainer.” But, regardless of you being a male stripper, a gay hooker, or a cam girl, there are some things you should always know who you’re going to perform in front of. It’s a bit easier for cam girls because they usually build somewhat of an online community, which means that those who come to watch already have an idea of what they’re in for.

But if you’re a stripper, especially going to a private party, you should know your audience. That way, you’ll know your fans’ average age and interests so that you can satisfy their needs. For instance, if you’re going to a bachelorette party, knowing whether the groom’s grandma will be present or not can be an important piece of information.

Prepare a Good Show Customized to the Attendees

So, once you know who you’ll be dealing with, it’s time to customize your show. For instance, let’s say the bride’s into uniforms if we go back to that bachelorette party. Obviously, you’re going to turn up dressed as a cop or a fireman and start your show from there.

Additionally, you should also know how crazy this party’s going to get. With that in mind, you should prepare your show differently for different occasions. Some attendees want to get pretty wild so that full nudity might be required early on. For others, you’d want to get nude at the end, and sometimes, they might not want your johnson out at all. These are three different scenarios that you have to prepare for differently, so make sure you know what your clientele wants.

Use Your Body Language

Body language is important in everyday life, as well as in pretty much every line of work. And that includes the adult entertainment business. First of all, you can use your onlookers’ body language to deduce how they’re feeling about the whole ordeal. For instance, let’s say you’re a stripper, and you see someone sitting cross-legged with their arms folded. Obviously, they are either not comfortable with the situation they find themselves in or don’t want you there in the first place. Either way, you should devote yourself to other attendees and not force yourself onto others.

As far as your body language goes, it’s important what kind of energy you give off. If you walk in graciously with your chin pointing to the stars, they’ll think you know what you’re doing. As a result, both parties will enjoy the show more, which wouldn’t be the case if you show up nervous.

Use Food in Your Show

Food is a great asset for getting your audience to grow more familiar with you and your presence. Clearly, you don’t want to cover yourself in spaghetti. That would just be pointless. Instead, use something they can interpret as quirky and sexy. Tell me, who doesn’t like a bit of whipped cream? Now, if they get to lick said whipped cream off your nipple, that would be brilliant! Even if you feel that’s too close for comfort and you lick it off yourself, it’s still a great watch.

Smell Good

This one feels like it shouldn’t be a tip, but people often neglect this aspect that we’ve decided to mention it. The way someone smells is critical. It’s something we as humans factor in when we make up our minds whether someone’s attractive.

As an adult entertainer, your whole job is to be attractive, right? That’s why it’s crucial that you come with a bit of nice perfume on you. We’ve all heard about perfumes with pheromones, haven’t we?

Practice Your Dance Moves

As a stripper, dancing is what you’ll be doing 80 percent of your workday. It’s true that dancing is not why your showgoers are there for. They probably couldn’t care less about the dancing as long as you look the way they imagined you. However, don’t forget your job is to be sexy all the time. While nobody’s expecting that you do some Michael Jackson moves, it would be ridiculous if you start dancing like Carlton Banks of Bel-Air.

You should practice your dance moves just enough for you to pull off staying sexy all the time.

Be Confident

From the dawn of time, men have been philosophical about how they can chat up a woman, be flirty, and so on. The ladies go through the same thing with lovely dresses and makeup and are trying to have an exciting conversation. But all those different aspects seem to boil down to one same thing — confidence. When someone appears confident, they are immediately more attractive, even if they lack in the looks department. Being confident and believing in yourself is what will make you memorable as an adult performer.

Sure, it’s easy to say, “Hey, be confident!” Pulling it off is a different thing altogether, but the longer you’re in business, the easier it’ll become as you’ll know what you’re dealing with.

Work Out

The best way to work on your confidence is by getting to feel better about your appearance. If you show up to a bachelorette party with your belly out and no visible biceps, the bride-to-be will just get a sad glimpse into her future. Again, your job is to be attractive. To get better at your job, you need to be in better shape than you already are.

Since your actual body is your body of work, you should go to the gym and make yourself look better than you already do. Don’t forget, going to a gym isn’t a pastime activity for you, it’s a part of the job!

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