Uncovering The Design Of Butterfly Vibrators

It may seem silly, but the butterfly vibrator is a great friend of the woman. He has taken from man the power to give her pleasure and shows that, yes, you are not dependent on anyone to come!

But, for a moralistic issue, there is a certain shame in reading about it, talking to friends or understanding how the device works.

So, after all, how to use butterfly vibrator?

With the advancement of technology, even erotic toys have advanced. Today, a butterfly vibrator can have dozens of intensities to vibrate and pulse. And if you don’t like the old familiar consolation, don’t worry: there are devices so discreet that you can’t even imagine they are erotic toys.

In this post, you will learn:

  • What is a butterfly vibrator;
  • How to use butterfly vibrator;
  • What are the best known models on the market.

How to use a butterfly vibrator – the butterfly vibrator is an introductory device to simulate male penetration and sexually stimulate women.

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After all, what is a butterfly vibrator?

It is an introductory device to simulate male penetration and sexually stimulate women.

How to use butterfly vibrator?


There are several models of butterfly vibrator, so the forms of use may vary. But 4 main ways are:

On the clitoris

Although introductory, anyone who knows how to use a butterfly vibrator has already discovered that the device can also be used externally, near or on top of the clitoris, to stimulate it.

The important thing is that you take it easy, in a less intense vibration, since the region is hypersensitive.

In the vagina

It is the conventional penetration, with the introduction in the vagina. In that case, the clitoris will be stimulated from behind.

Vibrations and pulsations stimulate the internal erogenous areas of the vagina, excite and improve vaginal lubrication and blood flow.

In the perineum

The perineum is that region between the vagina and the anus. Using the butterfly vibrator in this area can be a good stimulation for those who have not yet tried anal penetration.

Use is the same as clitoral stimulation – just touch the device. Pleasure comes from the increased blood circulation that vibration provides.

In the anus

If you already like or want to experience anal penetration, knowing how to use a butterfly vibrator in the region may be the best choice! However, it is necessary to be soooo much more careful, since not all devices were made for this type of stimulation.

Do not be afraid?



So pay attention to the danger: when the device is not turned towards the anus, the anal pressure can pull it into the body, and it can only be removed with surgical intervention.

So be aware: the butterfly vibrators facing the anus have the widest base. Before trying, read all the product specifications, right?

Ah, we have two more specifications for your hygiene and health (I already warned you that care is much greater, huh!): Never use the butterfly vibrator on the anus and then on the vagina without washing before.

This region is always in contact with feces, and the vagina is hypersensitive to microorganisms in the region. But if that is your intention, use a condom on the butterfly vibrator before inserting it into the anus.

How to use a butterfly vibrator – there is no perfect type of butterfly vibrator, as each woman feels pleasure in different ways.

What is the ideal butterfly vibrator model?

There is no such thing as a perfect type, as each woman feels pleasure in different ways.

Knowing how to use a butterfly vibrator is also understanding what you want. Today, technology has enabled a huge range of models, ranging from those that mimic the texture of penile skin to small and discreet.

The smaller ones are used for clitoral stimulation, while the penile ones are also used for penetration. Therefore, many women tend to have both – the smallest, for example, can be used with the partner putting on you.

The bigger ones can be used to experience fantasies, such as double penetration and threesomes.

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What models of butterfly vibrator are available on the market?

In addition to knowing how to use a butterfly vibrator, you need to know what is available on the market. Look:


The penile shape is extremely popular because it is a vibrating prosthesis. Observe the material of manufacture and the width of the base (when wide, the product can be introduced into the anus). butterfly vibrators made with cyberskyn have a texture that mimics human skin.

Before buying, ask the seller or read the specifications and ask if it can be introduced and, mainly, if it vibrates. Many people buy prostheses thinking they are butterfly vibrators.

Vibrating capsule or bullet

The capsule or bullet is shaped like a large pill. It may have a thread that connects it to speed and vibration control or just a string to pull it out of the vagina.

Before using it, sanitize the capsule with soap and water and dry it well. Then, insert batteries and turn it on.

It is multifunctional: it can be used on the clitoris, inserted into the vagina or against the perineum. In no way place it in the anus: the butterfly vibrator may get stuck and, when trying to pull it, the wire will break.


The personal butterfly vibrator also has a phallic shape, but it is simpler and more discreet.

In addition, it has a huge range of textures (rubber, smooth, velvety, wavy), colors, sizes and even tips – the curves stimulate more sensitive vaginal points. It is usually the cheapest and can be used both in the vagina and in the perineum. Most have the thinnest base and cannot be inserted into the anus.

It also needs pre-cleaning and batteries. Connect it before use and, if the model is not a smooth type, use a lubricant.


As the name implies, the butterfly is shaped like a butterfly. Despite the different design, its use is very simple: just attach it to the body with the strap that comes attached and place it on top of the clitoris, to stimulate it. It does not need lubricant.

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