What Sets Butterfly Vibrators Apart From Other Sex Toys?

We can’t think of a single person that a hands-free sex toy wouldn’t appeal to. This vibrator is as delicate as a butterfly (convenient) and will help you experience playtime like never before! Let’s say you’re just a beginner, a novice, a caterpillar if you will. Using a butterfly vibrator doesn’t take any skill whatsoever. It just requires curiosity and an adventurous spirit. You don’t even have to wear it outdoors if you don’t feel like it. The safety of your home should prove sufficient, but there’s still the other option. However, we think it’s time to widen your horizons.

Butterfly Vibrators vs. Other Sex Toys

Why butterfly vibrators might be better than other sex toys is a simple matter of convenience. There’s a variety of sex gadgets on the market — dildos, different kinds of vibrators, butt plugs, etc. So what makes these vibrators different from the other fish in the sea? First of all, yes, convenience. These are hands-free sex toys. That means you don’t need to do anything! Your hands or arms won’t get tired from holding it or moving it. All you have to do is lay back and vibrate yourself into a state of complete bliss! 

Speaking of convenience, these toys are wearable. Wear them around the house, outside, or even to work. And did we mention you can also go for a swim with one? Yes! They’re completely waterproof. They come in various designs with multiple different modes, depending on what you want to achieve, whether that be a much stronger orgasm or just a simple tease throughout your regular Monday. 

Vibrations aren’t loud, and the toy is easily concealable. So you can stop worrying about what Karen from work would think if she heard you randomly buzzing around. Don’t judge, Karen! Join the winning team instead!

The Design of Butterfly Vibrators

These vibrators made of soft silicone will transform your solo playtime entirely. These babies work on batteries and are rechargeable through a USB cable, so you can enjoy them for longer. Now, you already know it’s a wearable vibrator, but is it a remote vibrator too? Oh yes. You can adjust their vibrations through an app (so via Bluetooth). Alternately, your partner can control them for you while you’re out in public just to stir the pot.

Butterfly Vibrator Feature — Hitting the Clitoris and the G-spot at The Same Time

The shape of these vibrators is quite interesting. These vibrators lean on your clitoris on one side and press against your G-spot on the other. But make sure you don’t confuse them with rabbit vibrators, though, because they differ significantly. Now, although these were primarily created with solo play in mind, why not use them to spice things up and include your partner in the play? If you’re into anal, you can keep your butterfly on (or in?) while your partner dives in from the other side!

But if you want to try something on your own (or are just single), you can try anal butterfly play a try. The soft silicone material these toys are made of makes them perfectly safe, and vibrations can be adjusted to your liking. You don’t need to be an expert at sex or sex toys for this to work for you. If you’re adventurous in spirit but shy in nature, a butterfly vibrator can help you relax. Why not push some boundaries and break some barriers? Nobody will notice, and you’re in full control of what’s happening. And in case you’re a different kind of a freak, you can let your partner dictate the vibrations! While wearing your butterfly in public or at home, it’s bound to turn up the heat. So let loose, and enjoy the ride!

Closing Remarks

After introducing yourself to a whole different world of sex toys, it’s safe to say you’ve evolved. Yes, just like that, your sex life has probably changed! You were a novice, and now you’re an apprentice — a cocoon — and it’s time to break out of your shell. We’re sure this vibrator will become your new best friend from the very first time you try it. Going around without it just won’t feel the same anymore. Of course, everybody needs a break from time to time too, so don’t ever forget that! On another note, you should probably introduce Karen from work to this new life too. She might like it! 

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