Storage and Upkeep of Vibrators and Other Sex Toys

When it comes to sex toy storage, most people think about storing their toys to keep them away from prying eyes. And while you must put your toys somewhere safe and maintain the privacy you crave for, storage solutions are also crucial for the durability of your toys.

You don’t want to find yourself on your favorite sex toy shop’s website every other month just because you can’t be bothered to store your sex toy collection properly. 

Aside from storage options, one should also keep in mind cleaning and other factors that might ruin your adult toys and leave you to play with nothing but your hand. To avoid that from happening, here are the best storage tips.

All Toys Are Equal (But Some Are More Equal Than Others)

It doesn’t matter if you have one toy or an entire collection that would make Mick Jagger blush — all toys demand excellent treatment. But some might require more attention to detail than others.

Consider the Material

Depending on the type of material the toy is made of, you might need to adapt your storing techniques. Some materials degrade quickly when not kept in optimal conditions.

The best way to go about this is to read the instructions that usually come with the toy. If you’ve chucked it in the bin already, just Google it. Check whether your silicone toys should go into plastic bags or if your plastic toys can withstand being in a moist environment. 

The best tips for storage are to simply thoroughly wash and dry your toys and then store them either in their original packaging or in individual toy bags. Don’t mix and match toys made from different materials. They might interact in a weird way that will lead to damage.

You can store the bags anywhere, but make sure there’s no direct sunlight exposure and that the toys aren’t in a particularly humid area. You can’t go wrong with that approach. 

How To Pick the Perfect Container

Use bedside drawers, bed drawers, and other forms of bed storage to keep toys away from wandering eyes that might come snooping around. As mentioned, it’s best to separate toys into individual bags. You can either use clear ziplock bags or colorful cotton pouches. 

Avoid keeping a lot of toys in the same bag or a pouch. You can color code if you have a big collection and keep similar toys in the bags of the same color, but it’s much more preferable to keep every toy in a separate container.

If you want another layer of secrecy that will make storing sex toys even more exciting (or you share an apartment and have nosy roommates), you can also buy pillows with secret compartments. These hefty little storage units also have locks, so your collection will be safe and sound. 

Similarly, there are a lot of storage cases out there that have different features. Some chests warm up your toys until you’re ready to use them, while others have code locks. Depending on which feature you think is the most necessary, you can take your pick on the market!

Of course, if you’re ready to go all out, you can also buy sex toy storage cases that not only keep your toys safe, but they also charge and clean them. Now, these cost a pretty penny but are definitely worth the investment. 

Don’t Be Nasty — Clean Your Toys

Have you ever seen that movie scene (usually in a raunchy comedy) where a girl (or sometimes a boy) grabs a sex toy out of their night table, goes to town, and then shoves it back in the drawer? We have one word for that — gross. You don’t want to stick up your Prostate Vibrator in  your ass without cleaning it from the last time you used it! Again, it’s gross!

Once Again — Materials Matter

You need to clean your toys both before and after each use. Don’t just rinse them out under some hot water; you have to clean them thoroughly. However, don’t use any harsh chemicals, either. Those might damage the toy, and the residue that will surely linger after cleaning can mess up your Ph balance. 

So, make sure to clean them thoroughly to avoid bacteria growth. You can use soap and water or a sex toy cleaner. This will disinfect the toy. Of course, you can also use both (to play it safe). Dry the toy with a paper towel or a cotton cloth, and put it in storage. 

If you prefer silicone toys, you don’t have to worry about bacteria seeping through the material. However, jelly toys, as well as plastic and TPR toys, are very porous, so make sure to clean them carefully. Because these materials can quickly turn into a nasty Party City where bacteria roam free, make sure to clean them before use as well. 

Proper Storage Leaves the Toy in Good Shape

Sex toy upkeep ensures that your toys last you a long while, and it includes toy maintenance. For example, if your toys are battery operated, make sure you don’t leave the batteries inside between uses. 

Furthermore, all toys that have any sort of electrical component need to be washed carefully. So, take the batteries out or unplug the toy before you start cleaning it. Sure, the packaging says the toy is waterproof, but are you really willing to test that claim and potentially lose a playmate in the process?

Check For Any Changes or Damage

Make sure to inspect each toy before you use it. If you have a big collection, chances are you haven’t seen some toys in a while. So set some time aside before you get down and dirty, and inspect the toy. 

Check for any changes or damage on the surface. If there’s a piece missing, throw the toy out. Don’t risk potential injury just because you couldn’t part ways with your favorite vibrator, even though it has some frail wiring. 

A Few Parting Words

High-quality sex toys are durable and long-lasting. But nothing lasts forever. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get your money’s worth out of every toy you own. If you clean, maintain, and store your little helpers in the right way, they’ll serve you for a long time.

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