How to Safely Store Your Vibrators

The prostate vibrator offers a particularly intense pleasure. For what is the G-point for women, in men is the so-called P-point, so the prostate. So far less known and yet just as pleasurable, this erogenous point below the bladder is a true center of eroticism. In this article you will know about what is a anal vibrator and how to take care of anal vibrator.

Anyone who has ever associated vibrators with the female orgasm ever since then will discover new worlds with the Prostate Vibrator because this special men vibrator takes you into flowing moments of pleasure and a whole new orgasm feeling.

What is a prostate vibrator?

The man has next to his penis another, highly erogenous zone – the prostate. This chestnut-sized gland below the urinary bladder can trigger intense feelings of pleasure when stimulated and give you a particularly tingling orgasm.

A prostate vibrator is the perfect way to stimulate this gland and to intensify your climax. The vibrator is ideally shaped to massage the prostate and stimulate it by vibration. So you experience a whole new orgasm feeling. Whether you are using the sex toy alone, or engaging in lovemaking with your partner, the Prostate Vibrator gives you a very pleasurable experience.

In contrast to a normal vibrator, this species is not straight or shaped like a penis, but has a specially developed for prostate stimulation, curved shape. What is sometimes difficult to achieve with the fingers creates this sex toy without much effort and physical effort. The vibrator just needs to be inserted and turned on and the erotic journey can begin.

How does a prostate vibrator work?

The prostate vibrator is inserted into the anus with the curved side and placed so that the tip gently presses against the prostate. Seat the toy as desired, the device can be turned on. Usually, the vibrator has individually adjustable vibration levels, which provide for a slight to strong stimulation of the gland and strong feelings of pleasure, similar to the clitoral orgasm of a woman. You can steadily increase levels during masturbation or lovemaking to kindle a particularly passionate fire in you.

Many prostate vibrators also have an appropriately shaped tail, which can be applied to the tailbone or the perineum, depending on preference, in addition to stimulate the region around the anus or the scrotum and penis shaft with. By slightly turning or penetrating the feeling can also be intensified and the anus be aroused, which also applies as a pleasure center, as studies show. This special sex toy for men thus stimulates the highly eroded prostate, the anus and the region of the dam by vibration.

This highly proven combination of multiple stimulants from lets you experience your pleasure and orgasm at a very high level. Some men ejaculate through the prostate vibrator even more intense, which speaks for the overwhelming feeling of the toy.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Prostate Vibrator

  • Intense orgasms through stimulation of the erogenous prostate
  • No risk of injury from fingernails or similar
  • Skin-friendly and easy-care material (mostly silicone or metal)
  • A new type of orgasm as the climax is achieved through inner rather than external stimulation
  • Various vibration levels provide for a firmer fireworks of pleasure

There are users of the Prostate Vibrator who initially find the insertion unusual or uncomfortable. It is advisable to previously stimulate other areas such as the penis and relax. Thus, the insertion is much easier and is a lot more pleasant. Sufficient Sex toy friendly lubricant also helps to facilitate the penetration with the vibrator.

Care of the prostate vibrator

Since this is a vibrator for the anal area, it is all the more important to pay attention to good hygiene. Most prostate vibrators are made of silicone and can easily be rinsed off with warm water and mild soap. There are also special vibrator cleaners specially developed for the disinfection and cleaning of toys. It is important to always use a soft cloth or cloth that will not damage the soft silicone.

If the prostate vibrator has a separate vibration motor, it should be removed before cleaning. This will prevent the vibrator from being damaged. Some devices are also waterproof. Leave the instructions for use of the respective manufacturer. Since silicone is sometimes prone to lint, it is advisable that you rinse the vibrator with water even before use. If you use warm water, it additionally relaxes the anus during insertion.

Product features of the prostate vibrator

  • Extra designed for the stimulation of the male pleasure center prostate (P-spot)
  • Very intense orgasmic feeling
  • Easy-care and skin-friendly material such as silicone or metal
  • Safe stimulation without risk of injury from fingernails
  • Ergonomic design that adapts perfectly and massages the prostate
  • Additional stimulation of the anus and the perinea region
  • Different intensities and / or modes
  • Many prostate vibrators are waterproof or at least spray-protected
  • Different variants leave nothing to be desired
  • Can be used both for masturbation, as well as an extension of the love game
  • Most prostate vibrators have a long battery life and short recharge times


If you’re looking for a particularly sparkling experience and want to experience a new way of stimulating, then the Prostate Vibrator is definitely a great addition to your sex life. The toy can be used alone as well as during intercourse and lets you experience violent orgasms through the additional internal stimulation of the prostate. After a short time you have become accustomed to the introduction of the creatively shaped, ergonomic sex toy and can get you by the various vibration levels absolutely overwhelming climax.

Light care and a pleasant material complete this ingenious toy for men and make it an increasingly popular addition to the love game. Convince yourself and ignite the pleasure in you!

Anal vibrators are a wonderful addition to your love games at home. Similar to vaginal intercourse, the erotic stimulation of the anal area is extremely pleasurable – and sometimes even more intense. You can experience orgasms that are literally comparable to an internal explosion.

Despite all this, anal sex is still a taboo subject. Many are of the opinion that the “sex from behind” is unhygienic and extremely painful. Certainly, lubricity plays a central role in this context. However, there are already highly effective lubricants and other aids. The make sure that the anal not only gently widened, but that an anal vibrator can be introduced beautifully deep. Look forward to wonderful orgasms of a very special kind.

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