The Growing Male Escort Market

It’s not uncommon to see older men or women walking around with much younger yet good-looking partners. Some call it gold-digging, while others seem to think it’s a coincidence. In reality, we dare say it’s escorting. Rich people are prone to picking up escort partners half their age for various reasons. And yes — sexual services are one of them.

Until recently, most people looking for someone to hold their hand were older men. Sure, you’d see an odd couple here and there, but it was usually guys looking for young bimbos. But unlike some services, the escort market is full of options for everybody. Therefore, we’re looking to explore the world of male escort clientele, with the emphasis on the gay aspect of it all.

The male escort industry isn’t only for older ladies looking for a young stud to open the doors or pull their chairs — gay men thrive in it. Moreover, male escorts for women are rarer than those aiming for other guys. The demand for male escorts is huge all over the world, especially in Europe and North America. But before we go any further, it’s important to explain the whole industry, seeing how people often mistake it for prostitution.

The Growing Demand for Male Escorts

Like all industries, the escort business is prone to prejudices and stigmas. It’s often seen as something immoral and unethical. The majority of the population, no matter where you live, see it as a more sophisticated and expensive type of prostitution. But besides these external misconceptions, the business itself wasn’t always as open as it is today.

What is the difference between prostitute and escort service?

Escorts are nothing new — they’ve been with us for years now. It’s just that, 20 or so years ago, you’d rarely see requests for male company. But as things loosened up a bit in general, clients of both genders began to look at the market for male escorts. And since then, the gap left by classic, female escorts has been reduced.

Seeing how expensive tuition, rents, and bills are, male students are more open to the escort business. And since most clients are willing to spend full days or even weeks with you, you’ll be looking to make lots of money in no time. From classy female clients looking to feel alive again to older gays who’re having trouble finding a partner, male escort seems like the best possible way to make a good living while still young and attractive.

Who Are The Main Clients of Male Escorts?

Just like female escorts, males have all sorts of different people in their clientele. And although people usually associate them with the LGBT community, they’re often in the company of both women and couples who just like to experiment. But unlike male sex workers, escorts aren’t all about sex. They offer all sorts of services, and one of them is intimacy.

Frequently, guys who do escort will accompany older women. They’ll perform different tasks like massages, conversations, holding hands in public, etc. And if they feel like it, they’ll have sex by the end of the day. Of course, it’s all consensual.

On the other hand, hetero couples also indulge in male escort services. Some like to have additional fun in the bedroom, be it a threesome or hotwifing, and they’re always on the prowl for a hot young stud to join in. It’s usually older, wealthier couples, bored with their mundane sex life who’re looking for this kind of service.

Also, male clients make a large portion of people you see in the business. Usually, they’re gay gentlemen looking for some company. Not all of them want sex with other men. Some just like to talk or to walk around the town with someone. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be much difference between male prostitutes and escort guys.

Views of a Male Escort

No matter if you’re looking for escort service or you want to join the business, it’s important to note the difference between this line of work and prostitution. Escorting isn’t sex work — it’s much more than providing an intimate experience for a client. Both male and female escorts don’t see their work as something cheap and immoral. If they did, they wouldn’t be doing it.

If you ask a male escort what he thinks of his job, he’ll give you usual answers. It’s a way to make a living, to pay off loans and tuition. And most importantly, it’s completely legal if you have a legit agency behind you. Some might say it’s problematic to sell your body, but in reality, you’re merely selling your time.

Sex is an additional option, and it’s not advertised at all. It’s something the agency doesn’t control, making it fully down to the will of the client and escort. You’d be surprised by how many men, women, and couples just look for a simple company. It doesn’t have to end with a sexual experience at all if you don’t want it.

What Is It Like to Be a Gay Male Escort?

Essentially, there’s no big difference between straight and gay escort. Both are quality company for lonely people. The whole point of the job is to make the client feel like they’re having a genuine relationship experience. In a way, escorting is about selling your time and company, not your body.

A Gay escort has to be attractive, well-mannered, and interesting to talk to. In a way, you’re an accessory to your client, helping them enjoy their life more. Sometimes, you’ll make a long-term connection, seeing each other regularly. In return, you can expect expensive gifts like jewelry and clothes.

A gay male escort tell-all would include all sorts of interesting stuff, from luxury vacations and trips to kinky sex in dimly lit hotel rooms. It’s a life of extravaganza and lots of fun. And if you’re okay with the concept, there’s no real reason not to try it. After all, it’s great money, and it gives you a chance to meet all sorts of interesting people.

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