6 Things to Know When Using Anal Hooks

Is it pleasant to use anal hook differently in the BDSM. Whether for punishment or simply to stroke the subservient, percussion tools have a special meaning in the BDSM and express above all the dominance of the master. It is not primarily about pain, but about a form of sexual suppression of the slave.

Slight blows

Slight strokes may be on the stomach and chest (men only!). With small strokes, the master can beat the submissive slave on the forearms, shoulders and private parts. However, here are only slight blows possible; everything else would lead to injuries. For blows in the stomach, there is even a fetish, which is called Outpunching (stomach boxes, usually with boxing gloves).

Hard blows

Violent beatings, however, can be made on the buttocks, on the upper back where the ribs are located, on the upper arms and on the upper and lower leg. In principle, hard blows are possible where there is a thick layer of fat under the skin. It is always important that strokes do not cause injury. A bruise is not considered an injury. On the genital area should also be no hard knocks.

Taboo zones

Above all, the internal organs should always be protected and on individual bones or vertebrae should never be beaten, as this can lead to lasting damage. Therefore, the head and neck is completely taboo when hitting. Likewise, joints and the spine are taboo. Women should not be hit on the chest. The graphic shows you the places you can normally beat.

How do you beat your slave?

Each impact tool has its own characteristics and feels different when hitting. A device is often used to bring the slave in the correct posture. The device can also be passed over the sub missive’s body, which can additionally stimulate him. This also makes light strokes on the genital area possible.

Swatter BDSM         

A paddle or a swatter has a wide range for hitting and is suitable to produce the impact on as wide a surface as possible, for example on the butt. Most claps create an imprint on the struck area, especially at the edges of the paddle.

BDSM Whip 

A whip is the classic BDSM tool that is also popular with masochists. On the whip there are numerous small straps that produce small bruises by flogging. For whipping with a whip, the lateral area of ??the upper back, the butt and also the upper and lower legs is suitable. Depending on the train speed, the whip stroke is stronger or weaker.

Cane for BDSM       

Pipe pieces are often used for spanking. The cane can be brought into vibration and the bats can act on a small point. That gets the subservient to feel clearly. By striking one and the same spot, redness quickly develops.

Swatter BDSM         

A belt is like a belt with which the slave can also be flogged. Due to the rather small striking surface painful strokes can be generated. A percussion belt works well in all areas where hard knocks are possible.

Clubs have a strong psychological effect, since even the sight leads to subservience. With a club, every area of ??the body can be hit purposefully. Therefore, a club is often used in ball busting or to lightly hit the stomach. Hard knocks with the stick should be avoided.

Hints for hitting

The beating that happens to the BDSM only with the consent of the submissive: Anything else would be a personal injury that can lead to legal consequences. During a session it is especially important not to hurt the slave. Also, the session should be aborted when the sub gives the stop word. Because hitting with striking tools can be very violent.

Also, the psychological component should not be neglected. Beating (for example, bumps on the buttocks) could cause traumatic childhood memories in the sub. Then the master should be prepared to break off a session if in doubt, if necessary.

Now strike

Anal sex is still a taboo topic for many. According to several studies, every second woman in the world has already tried out the sex through the back door. But every second one also reports pain associated with it.

The problem: Only very few people know how anal sex works properly. Because: “Who prepares properly, has no pain and a lot of fun,” says gynecologist.

5 tips for anal sex without pain

With these 5 simple tips you can enjoy painless anal sex with your partner:

  1. Both have to feel like anal sex

Not infrequently, women try out anal sex for the sake of their partner. They are afraid and cramp – so it will not be a nice experience either for them or for him. The couple should therefore talk in advance about the project, expressing fears and concerns openly. Only if both feel like it and find the idea great, is anal sex fun.

  1. Anal sex takes a lot of time and patience

If you think you can simply push the penis spontaneously into the woman’s anus, you are mistaken. Many men may know this from a pornography. However, one must be aware that porn actresses usually had years of training. A normal woman should never compare with them. Therefore, take a lot of time for anal sex! Let your women train her anus first using anal plugs, anal beads and other anal  sex toys so that having anal sex will become less intimidating to the both of you.

  1. The right preparation for anal sex: lube, butt plug and finger exercises

The sphincter is an annular muscle that closes the anus. In a first step this should be slowly and gently stretched. It is important that you use lubrication for everything and very, very much. You can take a finger to stretch the sphincter or even an anal hook that you can buy in a loveplugs sex shop. They are available in two sizes. Buy the little one, if you try anal sex for the first time.

With sufficient lubricant, the finger or the butt plug can be inserted into the anus. Give the sphincter two to five minutes to get used to the foreign body and slowly stretch. If you work with your fingers, you can then carefully insert a second one. Even then, wait and give the muscle time to adjust. Only then can the man try to penetrate carefully.

  1. A condom is mandatory

Sexologists strongly advise each couple to use a condom during anal sex. Not only HIV transmits very fast here. It is also particularly easy to infect other viral diseases such as hepatitis, fungi and genital warts, as the mucous membranes in the anal area are very thin and sensitive. Another advantage of condoms: The penis stays clean.

And who still wants to have vaginal sex, can do without long washing, but only has to change the condom. A change from anal to vaginal or even oral, without thorough washing or a condom change is extremely risky in terms of health. Of the bacteria in the anus, the woman can get a bladder infection or worse. That’s why it is very clear: anyone who came through the back door would not be able to get in anywhere else.

  1. The woman indicates speed and length

When entering the anus, unfortunately, many men fail: Many people immediately start to run into it. That will not do. At the beginning, the penis has to grope slowly and the woman is clearly the conductor! Is it too fast or feels a little uncomfortable, it is called stopping. Once the anus gets used to the intruder, the couple can increase their speed or try deeper penetration.

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