How to Maintain Your Animal Tail Butt Plugs

While any sex toy requires frequent cleaning and care, tail plugs are slightly more complicated to maintain. Animal tail plugs are a bit different from regular butt plugs and other toys, but they can be just as, if not even more naughty! However, wolf, pony, fox, dog tails, or others are made of hair, faux hair, and genuine or fake fur. They require thorough cleaning along with brushing and drying. Therefore, there are many things that you can overlook while enacting your fantasy roleplay. 

So before you decide to unleash the beast or tame the kitty within you, take a look at this guide on how to maintain your animal tail butt plugs! 

Regularly Cleaning Your Butt Plug

Anal plugs are fairly easy to clean, and their maintenance won’t take up too much of your time. You can wash them or boil them depending on the material. That will be enough to eliminate any bacteria and get rid of unpleasant odors. However, when it comes to tail plugs, you’ll need to be extra careful and clean them gently. These toys are quite sensitive. Anyone can damage them easily due to their design. 

For instance, never soak real tails in water. The fur could fall off or break. Of course, cheaper tail plugs can also suffer from similar problems. A strange factory smell from a new toy could surprise you! While that is due to the manufacturing process, it can be eliminated easily with regular care. Moreover, bleach should never be used on the fur as it can affect the color. 

If you neglect to clean the tail properly, all sorts of problems could arise. On the surface, it may not look as fluffy as it once was after frequent use. Even worse, it could severely impact your health and hygiene. Body smell and fluids could accumulate on the fur over time. That means the tail could be full of butt bacteria and germs if you neglect it. Your best option is not to be lazy and clean your new tail plug after each use! 


Before you wash your toy, it’s crucial to determine the material used for the tail. If your tail has faux fur, you may be able to soak it in water. As mentioned earlier, try not to soak the entire tail if the fur is genuine. Moreover, in case the tail and plug on your toy can be separated, it’s best to clean them individually. Ultimately, with both real and fake fur, you’ll have to clean everything with your hands. Avoid any other methods.

The best and only way to clean the tail of this delicate toy is to use a soft cloth. Soak the cloth in warm water and add some light soap to it. Then, wring the cloth out until it turns damp. Wipe down the entire tail with gentle pressure. Remember not to use too much water on genuine fur. After you’ve finished, you will have to dry the toy.

Ensure They Are Completely Dried Off

The trick to cleaning a fox tail or one that resembles another animal is to dry it properly. You shouldn’t simply leave a wet tail out to dry. Avoid hanging it or leaving it outside. That could impact its appearance and fluffiness. It could also stretch or start to look mangled and unappealing. In the worst case, the toy could break. 

The solution is to get your hair-dryer and gently point it at the fur set to low or medium. Try to cover all the spots of the tail. After a minute or two, it will be dry. What’s more, high heat should be avoided since it could damage or over-dry it. A hair-dryer will also remove some of the manufacturing odor, and it will keep the fur looking fresh and new.

Brush the Fluffy Ones Regularly

Last but not least, brushing is incredibly important. You won’t be able to pull off a convincing roleplay if your wolf tail is rough and dry. After the hand wash and the drying, you’ll need to reshape the fur. First, make sure that the tail has fully dried. Then, take a light, bristled brush or a regular hairbrush and gently stroke the hair. 

Start slowly and make small movements. What’s more, if the fur has tangled, do not use too much force as you can damage it. Try to lift it and gently separate it. Lastly, avoid hair products as they could irritate your genitals. After brushing it, the hair will return to its initial fluffy shape, and you’ll be ready for another fantastic animal roleplay session! 


Perhaps the key takeaway here is to treat your tail plug like an extension of yourself and any other part of your body. That way, your role-playing session will go on even without the plug inside you. Remember to clean it daily or after every use. Then you’ll be ready to put on your cat-eye and ear mask, push that plug into your asshole, and start meowing! 

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