4 Things to Know when Finding the Right Butt Plug

There are lots of brands that particularly concentrate on anal stimulation. Under those brand names you will find conical anal plugs, which are inserted into the anus for intensive stimulation. These sextoys are suitable for both women and men. They offer many different models so that everyone can find an Analtoy to his liking.

The plugs of the brand with their different functions like vibrating, inflatable massively massage your anal wall. The materials used are particularly slippery (silicone, jelly or glass). The brands are able to offer you regularly new, original and trendy products of this brand: in T-shape, anal beads, anal dildos.

For many men, anal sex is one of the most common sex fantasies. Women, on the other hand, usually struggle with this idea. They are afraid of anal pain or anal sex as unhygienic. But you do not have to do that if you stick to a few simple tips. Sexologists tell you what the fascination of anal sex are and how women can fulfill their partner’s desire in a relaxed way. Then anal sex can be one of the most beautiful sex positions for both. You would like to try anal sex, but do not know how to teach it to your partner? Also for this Paula has the right tips in stock. If you know the details like Vibrating butt plug vs Vibrator what’s the difference then the result would be perfect.

Metal anal plugs made of chromed steel – reasonably priced anal toys

The chrome plated steel plugs are cheaper than the stainless steel plugs because of the material and the fact that these butt plugs are hollow inside and therefore much lighter than their stainless steel counterparts. Nevertheless, the material is not inferior, on the contrary, the steel was provided with a chromium alloy, so as to prevent the treacherous rust.

For beginners and anyone who wants to try anal sex

Butt Plugs are available in different sizes, in small for beginners,the medium anal cones for the more advanced anal plug and the very large metal plugs for those who are looking for a challenge in anal sex. But all have something in common; they have a glittering artificial glass stone in many colors to choose from. Added to this is the small golden butt plug and completes the assortment. But you will also find a BDSM hook, which can be the icing on the cake during a bondage session.

Whether made of stainless steel or metal – our anal plugs are all worth a sin

Here is certainly for every taste and for every purse a nice anal toy. Immerse yourself in the world of anal pleasures with the selected butt plugs of the whip bear and experience unforgettable, sensual hours because our plugs can also be worn comfortably for a long time. The metal plugs bring partially velvet bags for storage, the rest is sanitary welded and discreet, neutral and free shipping to you sent.

Maybe you remember: Ana tried out a butt plug for the first time in “Shadesof Gray “. The scene was very short, but it still makes you think: Should I or not?

The butt plug! On to new anal adventures!

Have you ever heard of a butt plug? So a butt plug is a kind of dildo that is inserted into the butt. But he has a very special shape and, unlike a normal dildo or a giant dildo, rounded at the top for easy introduction and he “rejuvenates”, which means that he is thick and then thinner ward.Butt plug can both to prepare for anal intercourse to stretch the butt hole and thus make anal sex painless. Also, a butt plug can be used to sexually stimulate. Both men and women can introduce a butt plug. We can give you some ideas on how to use a butt plug alone or with your partner or partner!

Butt Plug! Why is that?

A butt plug is intended for new experiences in the anal area. There are some techniques for this!

First, the anal stretching: Here, the butt plug is worn over a short period before the actual anal intercourse. The sphincter of the anus is thus somewhat prepared and the pain can usually be reduced. So here every woman and every man can benefit from a butt plug.

Also, a butt plug can be used for anal stretching over a longer period of time. There are women and men who wear their butt plug a few hours a day. Also during work, school or university they wear their butt plug. This gives them an extension of the pile hole. So then, after several hours of Buttplug wearing, the anal sex can be enjoyed more relaxed. The second point is the incredible sexual feeling throughout the day. It’s her little secret. Other people never see the butt plug through jeans or a skirt. He usually cannot just fall out because he is so “rejuvenated” shaped. The butt plug is firmly in the butt in it. But he cannot just disappear while sitting in the butt, because the end is usually a bit bigger again. So maybe some of your work colleagues or work colleagues in the office are currently sitting on their butt plug.

The butt plug and the man! On to new adventures!

Also for some time more and more men wear a butt plug! Since the anus is an extremely erogenous zone, a new sense of pleasure can overtake the man. Here we would like to point out again that it is no shame to try a butt plug. Many men do not dare to play with their “back door”. There are already many beautiful new techniques on the topic of sex in the man. In addition to the butt plug, the prostate vibrator is also a big topic.

For many men, the butt plug is ideal. He is not too tall, but not too small. He can be introduced quickly and does not particularly push around in the Po, because it is shorter than a dildo. There are also men who wear a butt plug during sex with their partner or partner. This can provide a nice sexual kick. It may feel a bit strange at the beginning of the insertion, but it can be extremely irritating! A butt plug can vibrate or be made of glass, silicone or wood. So there are many variations here. Whether vibrating or not, every man should have tested a butt plug once! Also we recommend taking a slow approach at the beginning of the “Buttplug-career”. Those who are not sure should buy a smaller butt plug and upgrade later! For all newcomers experts can recommend the very inexpensive “Bootie” Buttplug Fun Factory. This butt plug can be used in both men and women. So he is also suitable as a couple boys. It has a small diameter of 2.7 centimeters and a length of only 7.5 centimeters. He is firm, but also flexible! Beginners should stop by here!

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