Getting to Know the Most Popular Types of Sex Toys

Sex toys are fun. Today, you can find a sex shop on almost every corner, and people love experimenting both solo and with their partners. You can find sex toys for him that will increase sexual pleasure, delay orgasm, or change the way they perceive anal play entirely. We all know that virility during sex may not be always consistent, so using a sex toy could really help a lot. 

On the other hand, sex toys for her allow for various types of stimulation, double penetration, and almost anything you can imagine. You’ve probably heard of some of the popular sex toys on this list, but there are some that might surprise you. 

Jeweled Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are always fun, and they are undoubtedly among the most popular and best sex toys on the market. Furthermore, plugs are fantastic for any gender, they are straightforward to use, and there aren’t many things you need to worry about. You can also wear one while doing your everyday activities like shopping, running, and even during the night. But to make everything more exciting, you can find these anal toys with a jewel located on top of a flared base. That way, your butt hole will look amazing. 

These gems come in all shapes and colors, and you can even find heart-shaped ones. So if you were looking for butt jewelry, you’re in luck!


The dildo has always been an uncrowned king of sex toys. These toys are perfect for solo play and couples alike. They are suitable for people of any gender, and they come in various sizes. Do you like a vibrating dildo? Done! What about one shaped like a horse cock? We got you covered! For years now, dildos have been a part of many bedrooms across the globe, and many would not be able to imagine their sex lives without one. 

The core idea behind dildos is simple. They are made of rubber, silicone, metal, or anything else, and they are penis-shaped. Furthermore, you can mount them on a harness or use them as a strap-on. Overall, people regard dildos highly and often consider them to be some of the top sex toys out there. The only limit to using a dildo is your imagination.


Vibrators are younger siblings of dildos. They are a bit smaller, but they can drive their users crazy. Regular models focus on single-spot stimulation (like the clitoral stimulator), but more advanced ones will do a lot more. If you thought that their only goal was vibrating, you were terribly mistaken. While you can use dildos for penetrative sex, they can offer so much more. You’ve probably already heard about the Hitachi magic wand. It was created as a massager and a means of stress relief, but it found an entirely other use. And if we might say, it can still help with stress better than anything! Most vibrators have speed adjustment options, and sometimes, they can even stimulate several erogenous zones at the same time.  Vibrators are one of the favorites of couples especially during their bedroom games, because they are really fun to use.

Tail Plugs

Let’s be honest. Tail plugs are sexy. Many people interested in anal play opt for getting a tail plug instead of a regular one. However, their core purpose is the same. You insert them into the anal canal, and they serve to stimulate your anus and P- or A-spot. However, tail plugs offer a bit more. On the flared base of the butt plug, there is a tail attached. Usually, it will look like a fox’s tail, but you can find other types as well.  

Not many things can be as sexy as tail plugs, and they can undoubtedly turn up the heat beneath the sheets. 

Prostate Massager

We already talked about various ways to pleasure yourself or your partner, but there are additional ways to explore your body and experience orgasm like never before. Yes, we are talking about prostate massagers! These unique toys can stimulate the male G-spot or prostate. More and more men across the world are enjoying prostate play, and these unique toys were designed for this very purpose. 

If you are looking to experience this unique thrill but are not willing to try out anal play, there are also massagers that can stimulate the prostate from the outside. But if you’ve never experienced orgasm through prostate massage, you are up for a world of pleasure.

Anal Beads

These toys were created for anal sex lovers. If you’ve never tried out anal beads before, they can look rather scary. But the fun fact is that they are perfect for beginners. The design of these toys allows users to dictate the tempo and intensity of their butt play. Each set of beads has several balls on it connected via string. Furthermore, balls have different diameters and go from the smallest to the largest. The thrill of using anal beads comes from pulling them out. Each time a ball passes through the anal sphincter, it will send a sensation throughout the entire body. Some users also describe that pulling out anal beads magnifies the sensations when you stimulate every erogenous zone during sex.

Penis Plug

For any man that ever said that a hole was a hole, they should try penis plugs. The process of sounding originated from medicine and slowly became a popular kink due to the pleasure that comes with it. If you are interested in sounding, the idea behind it is simple. You will take a sounding device, which is usually a thin metal rod, and insert it into the penis or, more precisely, urethra. Needless to say, you will need a lot of lubricant and time. Unlike many other types of pleasure, you must take it slow to enjoy the journey and avoid any potential injuries. 

By inserting a sound into the urethra, it is possible to reach the prostate and bladder, which can lead to a full-body orgasm and feeling like no other. 


There are so many exciting ways to improve and spice up your sex life, and toys are just one of them. You can find almost any type of toy at your local sex shop, and they are all designed with a single purpose — your pleasure. Keep experimenting and learning more and more about these toys. Who knows — you might discover a new kink that you enjoy!


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