Sex Toy Encyclopedia

If newest sex toys confuse you, but you still want to know what they are, what they do, and whether you’ll like them or not – just read our sex toy encyclopedia.

*Anal beads – a set of balls that are joined together in a line. You insert these into the anus, and they are great for widening. Also, they can cause an orgasm if pulled out properly.

*Arab strap – a cock ring for bondage that you can use to pull. This little thing increases virility during sex by restricting the blood flow.

*Bondage candle – these melt at a lower temperature than normal candles, which means you can experiment with wax safely.

*Bullet vibrator – small and powerful, these discreet toys are perfect. They are great on the go, as well as for foreplay.

*Chastity belt – the main point of this is to stop the person wearing it from having sex. This can be fun for bedroom games, as well as longer wear. Pent-up sexual energy will enhance the inevitable release.

*Clit clamp – when you attach this to a clitoris, it can cause pain and a numbing sensation while enlarging the clitoris. That can increase clitoral contact during intercourse.

*Dildo – If you love penetrating and thrusting, this is the toy for you. It is wonderfully versatile and open for any idea you might have.

*Electro toys – these use the same tech as toning belts, but their attachments go to more interesting places. These toys can stimulate every erogenous zone with a unique penetrating vibration sensation.

*Fleshlight – this male sex toy is disguised as a flashlight. However, on the inside of these is a realistic material that mimics the sensation of the inside of a vagina.

*Gag – a bondage toy that restricts mouth movement.

*Hog-tie – with this the submissive partner’s hands and feet are tied behind their back.

*Inflatable dildo – simply insert it, and then pump until it satisfies the user.

*Jelly vibrator – soft, colorful, and cheap. Simple vibrators that do their job wonderfully.

*Kegel balls – perfect for strengthening pelvic floor muscles. The exercises themselves can be arousing.

*Nipple clamp – these clips are attached to the nipple. They can cause mild pinching, discomfort, or pain. Highly adjustable and useful, these clamps make nipples a lot more sensitive.

*Pussy pump – this device applies pressure to the entire pussy, hence heightening sensitivity and pleasure.

*Remote control vibrator – as the name says, this vibrator lets you put control into someone else’s hands. Perfect for couples who want to try out something exciting.

*Sex doll – an inflatable lifelike sex toy with holes in all the right places. Perfect for experimentation.

*Sex Swing – can be a harness or a seat that allows you to try out new sex positions and deeper penetration. With one of these, you and your partner can hang from the ceiling while having acrobatic sex.

*Vibrating love egg – a versatile toy that’s great for both vaginal and clitoral stimulation. Comes with a remote control. Once you insert it, you can use it yourself or let your partner have fun with it. Either way, it will provide a load of hot fun. Yoni eggs is almost the same toy but is commonly used as vaginal exercise to train the pelvic floor.

*Waterproof vibrator – if you love your relaxing baths, sexy showers, or jacuzzi fun, this toy is a must-have.

Hope we were helpful, and if there’s a toy you want to know more about – feel free to ask.




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