Safety Tips for Sex Workers

Safety Precaution Guidelines for Sex Workers

Many envy sex workers because they see it as a job everyone wants. Nothing sounds better than making money by having sex. However, being in the sex industry is not always a stroll in the park. As someone who uses their body for work, there’s a high risk of contracting a disease or illness of any kind. After all, you’re exchanging bodily fluids with complete strangers, and you do it quite a lot.

Doing sex work can have a strain on you, especially if you’re one the more active ones. Apart from sexually transmitted infections, you can also catch a virus or other diseases if you’re not careful. A sex worker’s health is often on the line. That’s why there are many safety guidelines you should follow to keep it safe for both parties. However, that’s not all. Sometimes, you should get in harm’s way by having a troublesome client. In this article, we’ll go over some sex worker tips when it comes to both healthy sex and dealing with customers.

All Sex Workers Need to Follow Safety Precautions

There are various types of people who can call themselves sex workers. For instance, you can be a stripper in a nightclub, a porn actor/webcam performer, or an escort/hooker. Whatever you do of the above, you have to follow safety precautions if you want to do your business successfully. Obviously, if you offer escort services, you have to meet stricter regulations than a stripper. That doesn’t mean that strippers have nothing to take care of.

Safe Sex Is Not Enough

Many believe that safe sex tips end with telling someone to put a condom on. But that’s not all there is to it. For instance, if you’re performing oral sex with a condom, that doesn’t mean you’ve done all the necessary preparations. First of all, is the condom you use a good one? Make sure that the expiration date has not passed, and there should be no damage to the packaging. Be sure that the condom has a CE marking on it, which means that it meets certain standards.

There are various other tips. For example, before sex even takes place, make sure that both of you take a shower and clean your body. Don’t drink urine if you suspect it contains blood in it. Always wash your private parts after having vaginal or anal sex. As you can see, there are many safety measures for sex workers — safe sex on its own is not enough.

Learn Self-Defense

Since you’ll be dealing with clients up close and personal, you should work on your self-defense. This is especially true for those who do outcalls (i.e., go to the client’s place). You’ll be alone with someone you don’t know, and some clients can become aggressive, particularly if you don’t want to do something they wish you to. It’s important that you’re able to defend yourself should the situation spiral out of control.

There are several self-defense techniques that can help you defend yourself in specific situations. For instance, you can learn what to do when you find yourself alone in someone’s car, or what’s the best way to run away.

Set up Your Emergency Contact Numbers

In addition to learning how to defend yourself, you should also set up your emergency contact numbers. This is a feature on your mobile device (both iPhone and Android phones have it). With it, you can quickly access them without having to unlock your phone and search for them.

As a result, if you find yourself in a sticky situation, you can give someone a ring and alert them. Apart from 911 and your local PD, you should also have a number of a close friend or family member. This way, they can react quickly (sometimes faster than the police), and you’ll know help is on its way.

Additionally, apart from contact numbers, you can also add your health data here. This is a precaution in case something does happen to you. Now, a doctor or a policeman can call a family member or access your health information, such as blood type.

Secure Legal Documents

Obviously, you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you don’t have an ID on you, and a cop is asking for one. On the other hand, let’s say the situation gets aggressive. You also don’t want your violent client to get a hold of your documents and blackmail you with them.

Whenever you’re having someone over, make sure that you put your documents away to a place where they can’t find them. Similarly, if you’re doing an outcall, it would be wise to have a secure stash that many won’t be able to find.

Choose Your Clients Wisely

Being a sex worker today can be a difficult job when it comes to having a good clientele. Usually, they learn about your services via the Internet. You can’t know too much about them before the first meeting, and you might be walking into something you’ll later regret.

People who pay for escort services can often become aggressive if you don’t do whatever they want you to. That’s even if you’ve already told them it wasn’t on the table. To most of these people, you won’t be their first escort. So ask around and see with your colleagues if they have had any bad experiences. Remember, getting paid for one session should never outweigh your safety. It’s okay to say no to someone you don’t feel fully confident about.

Safety Precautions While in the Venue

If you’re picking up your customers in the street, there are several ways you can keep yourself safe. For instance, don’t get too close to their car to avoid getting grabbed. If there’s a need for you to run away, do it against traffic. Agree upon everything before you step inside the vehicle. Before setting off, you should call a friend or someone you trust and inform them of your location.

If you’re going to a hotel of their choosing, once you arrive, make sure you go into every room to make sure you’re alone. Stash your money somewhere where the client can’t see it. Lastly, always use your own condoms.

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