5 Things on How to Use Anal Beads and Love Balls

Love balls also called lust balls, love beads or lust pearls are originally from Japan. The Japanese name for love balls is Rin-no-tama or Ben-Wa, which translates as “ringing bells”, as the sound of traditional love balls, is reminiscent of that of Qi-Gong balls. The traditional Japanese model consisted of three hollow spheres connected by a chain. The upper ball is empty and holds the other love balls in place; the middle ball is placed in front of the G-spot.

In the cavity are four metal tongues against which a ball beats, thus causing the ball to vibrate? At the bottom ball is a silk thread with which the love balls could be brought back again. The current models of love balls usually consist of two 3 to 4 cm large plastic balls, which are caused to vibrate by metal balls inside. The balls are inserted into the vagina. The love beads can be worn in everyday life and swing while walking or other body movements and spread perceived as pleasant vibration in the abdomen.

The application of love balls

If you want to know how to use anal beads, then here is the basic two uses:

  • The first is the desire increase – the vibrations are usually not strong enough to lead directly to orgasm, but can trigger an intense sense of well-being and increase the sexual desire.
  • Another positive effect of love balls is pelvic floor training. A well-trained pelvic floor musculature enhances the sexual experience for both man and woman. In addition, the training prevents urinary incontinence. Especially against a pelvic floor weakness after pregnancy training in the pelvic floor muscles is very useful in the context of regression. A big advantage of pelvic floor training with love balls is that the training is passive. When you wear the love balls, the pelvic floor muscles are trained by themselves.

If you’re going to try it for the first time you may need anal training kits for newbies, so that you’ll get the right toy and what to do as a beginner.

Love balls as a pleasurable change

Just try something new. How does it feel to wear your new love balls while shopping? Does the cashier suspect something? Or how does your husband react when you surprise him with lovemaking with love balls. If you are primarily interested in the lustful effect of love balls, you should definitely try a Vibrator. You will find online purchase recommendations and erotic testimonials.

Love balls for the training of the pelvic floor muscles

A positive side effect of carrying love balls is that it strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. Many women often have problems and unpleasant symptoms of weakened pelvic floor muscles after several births. After pregnancy love balls therefore also called pelvic floor balls can be part of a therapy – and make fun while still. A good pelvic floor muscle contributes to the daily well-being and improves the sexual experience for you and your partner. How fit is your pelvic floor muscles, do you have a pelvic floor weakness and is training with love balls useful for you? A healthy pelvic floor muscle is important to prevent urinary incontinence and improve the experience of sex.

This self-test gives an indication of the condition of your pelvic floor muscles. Especially after pregnancies or with increasing age, a weak pelvic floor muscle can lead to impairments in everyday life and mental stress. Of course, this quick test can only give a rough picture – the results should always be verified by a doctor.

Vibroeier the pleasurable variant of love balls

Vibro eggs (also called vibratory eggs, vibro eggs or vibro balls) are introduced into the vagina like love balls. However, Vibroeier have a built-in motor, which brings the ball to vibrate mostly in different intensities. It could also be called a symbiosis of vibrator and love ball. Some models have a wireless remote control, which adds to the excitement and pleasure. Whether alone or with the partner: Vibroeier provide an exciting new sense of pleasure.

Vibro-Egg Sex – He begins the pampering program by turning on the Vibro Egg on the first level and tenderly touching you at your erogenous points. The gentle vibrations make her nipples very hard. He explores her whole body with the humming vibrating egg. Her excitement continues to rise until he strokes her clit with the vibrating egg. She sighs excitedly and is already full of anticipation for a new experience: to feel the vibrating egg in himself – but he lets her fidget. He explores the inside of her thighs before slowly and carefully introducing the vibrating egg into her vagina. She flinches before the unexpectedly intense feeling. He tries all 10 different vibration levels through. Sometimes the egg vibrates very fast and in quick succession, sometimes very slow and long and sometimes changes the strength and intensity of the vibrations. Your body is flooded with an exciting tingling – what a great feeling. Sometimes he turns the vibrating egg on and off again while she pleases him orally. Now he cannot stand it anymore: he has to feel it. Gently he pulls the vibrating egg with the return cord from her vagina and the love game between the two continues first the vibro-egg is resting – but it will surely be used again.

What are love balls?

Love balls are also referred to as lust balls, orgasm balls or lust pearls. It is one or two balls with a diameter of 3 – 4 cm. The common models are made of plastic (silicone), there are also versions in metal. The love balls are connected with a string. At the lower ball there is a return cord. The balls are hollow inside. In the hollow body is a metal ball. The love balls are inserted into the vagina. When moving, the metal balls inside make for pleasant vibrations.

What brings me the use of love balls?

Love balls have the primary purpose of training the pelvic floor muscles. Especially after a pregnancy training of the pelvic floor muscles may be necessary. A well-trained pelvic floor musculature enhances the sexual sensation in the woman and the man during sexual intercourse. In addition, the love balls feel very comfortable when worn and can even lead to an orgasm. Further information about pelvic floor training can be found on the online websites.

How does love balls work?

Love balls are inserted into the vagina. By moving while running the balls swing inside the love balls and produce pleasant vibrations. Main task of love balls is to train the pelvic floor muscles. The training is based on the fact that the muscles must tighten to keep the balls in the vagina.

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