7 Things You Need to Know Before Using a Butt Plug

Are you thinking about whether you need to buy butt plugs? The answer, of course, is yes! Butt plug – this is your opportunity to explore yourself and your body, please your partner, prepare for anal sex, play role-playing games, and much more, not to mention the fact that anal plug for men allows you to improve health and prevent many diseases. Let us examine what are anal plugs.

Using the Right Anal Plug

So, anal plug is a product that relates to products for adults. This is a stimulant that is inserted into the anus. This accessory can be very different. For example, a cork can be made of various materials: silicone, polymer, glass, metal, etc. As a matter of fact, the material used to make cork depends only on the manufacturer’s imagination and on certain requirements for the form and quality of cork. For example, the butt plug should be perfectly smooth. It cannot be any seams, chipping, chipping, scratches. Even a small notch that you don’t feel with your finger can lead to bowel injuries. Also get the information on Are women allowed to wear a butt plug at a nudist resort?

In addition, plugs vary in diameter. For example, the smallest butt plugs start at 2.7 cm in diameter in the thickest part. Usually, a cork has a teardrop shape with a narrower tip. This provides a convenient entry of the tube into the anus. In fact, with proper training, even huge butt plugs do not cause discomfort. You may need a special training kit for breaking in so that it will not be as intimidating. The anus is able to stretch strongly; on the other hand, it is necessary to insert it into the anal plug very carefully and gradually. You cannot immediately buy big butt plugs and start with them – you should always start from a small size to develop a hole.

Traffic jams with different features

Most modern traffic jams have some kind of zest. For example, it can be a fluffy tail in place of a limiter, rhinestones, colored inserts and much more. Also, the price may be completely different. Cheap anal plugs are usually the most common silicone products without any frills. Although, of course, you can start with them, if a financial issue exists. Butt plugs with a pump are also very popular – they initially have a very small size, but with the help of a pump they already inflate inside the body. Thus, the introduction of traffic jams as painlessly as possible, but in the process of wearing the pleasure of the sea.

  • Before you buy an anal plug, you need to understand why you need it. If you plan to use it simply for role-playing games from time to time, then you can choose some kind of small cork with a tail or a crystal at the base, choose a product of an unusual color or shape – just to be aesthetic. If you need butt plug for permanent wear, then it is better to choose a cork of a size that is comfortable for you without any excesses. The simpler and smoother it will be – the better if you want to wear a cork under your clothes.
  • Female and male anal plugs do not really differ, except for one single detail. Caps for men usually have an additional appendix to stimulate the prostate. Such a butt plug, the pictures of which have been flooded recently by the Internet, reaches the prostate and massages this gland, carrying out the prevention of various diseases. There are also products with vibration motors for greater pleasure and efficiency. Of course, for such butt plugs the price is much higher than for ordinary ones.

Order butt plugs in online shops

Our shop butt plug offers a huge assortment. At your service numerous versions from silicone, metal, glass, polymers. Thanks to Online shops, you can buy butt plugs online, with complete anonymity. You simply place an order, and you see, butt plug costs how much, which facilitates the order process. If you have no doubts about the choice, you can immediately pay for the purchase on the site with a card or electronic money, and then you just have to wait until the order is brought to you by a courier in an opaque package.

If you are not sure which one you want to order butt plug, you can leave a request on the website and get professional advice, including on such a parameter as price. Butt plugs vary greatly in parameters, hence the very different cost. If you are not sure what exactly you need, then you should contact our consultants for help. You can do this online on the website or by ordering a callback. Remember that butt plug, which you can buy at online shops, is designed to give you many pleasant moments alone with your body. Butt plug, the price of which in our store is more than loyal, should first of all please you, and everything else is secondary. Remember that you need to carefully approach the selection of such an accessory, because you should get maximum pleasure from it.

How to use butt plugs with and without vibration?

Butt plugs are one of the most widely used sex toys that have gained popularity not too long ago – just over half a century ago, during the sexual revolution in the United States. If you know how to use anal plugs with vibration and without vibration, then you can make the sexual life of partners much brighter, more colorful and rich than before.

In the classic version, a similar product intended for anal sex is a design, whose shape resembles a bullet, and at the end it has a stop. Today, anal plugs with vibration and without vibration can be found on sale, both in the photo and video, which are equipped with chains, which can also be used during hot anal sex. It is worth noting that the shapes and sizes of such products are different, ranging from very small and ending with a truly huge product.

It is worth noting that before directly using the product, you need to figure out how to use butt plugs with vibration and without vibration, and the wrong approach to use can lead to the fact that instead of pleasure there will be unpleasant or even painful sensations. Also, plugs, designed for anal penetration, are versatile, that is, they are perfect for both men and women.

If you constantly use anal plugs with or without vibration from our sex shop, this will contribute to additional excitement largely due to regular stimulation of nerve endings located in the anus region and a little deeper.

One of the main purposes of the anal plug is to n the muscles of the anus before direct anal sex. Regular wearing of this product develops the anus, especially if gradually moving from small sizes of traffic jams to larger ones. It is best to buy butt plugs with and without vibration.in the form of a set, then it will be easier to change them, and the price of anal plugs with and without vibration when purchased as a set will be much cheaper.

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