Things You Learn From Being a Gay Stripper

The first steps in a new line of work are always the hardest. The same applies to gay night clubs and striptease. From self-doubt to unclear employer instructions, it’s easy to find yourself in a nasty situation — a place where you’re unsure how to handle business and the world around you.

However, with time, you begin to catch up and learn new ways of handling yourself in both private and professional life. Hygiene, dressing up, and self-confidence are all points you collect while working as a stripper. Therefore, we’ll touch upon some essentials that come with being a top tier gay stripper.

Nevertheless, the days of homophobia and social stigmas are still here. But you can argue we live in a somewhat more open society today. Hence, before we go into details, it’s key to realize that what you’re doing isn’t perverse and immoral by any means. It’s just a way of making a living. And in case you find it fun and enjoyable — it’s more than a good one.

Maintain Proper Hygiene

Being a stripper is a job that’s all about your looks. You quickly learn to make sure your visual presentation and hygiene are perfect. It’s striptease 101. The thing is, your job requires you to win people over with your appearance. And since no one wants a smelly hobo giving them a lap dance, you make sure you look and smell fresh.

And no, we’re not only talking about bathing regularly. Keeping the hair all over your body trimmed and precise is essential. And since beards and mustaches are living through their long-awaited comeback, A-list strippers keep them in perfect condition whenever they perform. It’s showbiz, and as such, it’s all about style and presentation.

On the other hand, cosmetics are a must. Keeping your skin nice and shiny will make sure you glue your audiences’ eyes onto you. And once combined with classy perfumes, aromas, and a stylish haircut, you’ll quickly be on your way to the top. So, proper hygiene is the basis of making lots of money while pole dancing for your clients.

Dressing Up

Just like we’ve said — your visual aspect is half the overall performance on stage. No matter whom you speak to, tips from strippers will always come down to dressing up. Having a strong sense of what suits your character is crucial for making it big in any strip club.

Alas, not everyone understands how to be a good dresser. But don’t worry, it’s something you learn with time. Still, you must understand where to begin. For instance, some clubs are purely thematic or have different shows that require diverse scenography and cosplay. It means that it’s probably wrong to dress up like a jogger on an S&M night.

Nonetheless, your stripper career will help you outside your working hours. A visual job such as striptease surpasses profession and leaks into your private life too. And what we mean by that is that you’ll quickly begin to incorporate more style into your daily activities. There’s no need to waste words on how that will affect your love life.

Performance Ready

Being a stripper is quite similar to acting in theater. It’s a job that implies you’re always ready to express yourself in front of an audience. Moreover, it takes courage and a genuine ability to open yourself to the masses. And if we were to pick a single positive from striptease, it would be the performance-ready attitude.

The thing is, your character comes to shine and help you out in everyday life as much as while twisting your body around a pole. Being a performer of any kind, let alone a stripper, provides you with a unique gift to overcome personal encounters on many levels. It gives you an upper hand while dealing with people in both private and professional life.


This is key when learning how to be a stripper. Similar to being performance-ready, stripping goes hand-in-hand with confidence. It takes lots of balls to go out and show off your body to strangers. People usually forget how courageous one must be to strip and perform on stage. So if you can gather enough guts to begin, you’ll only get better with time.

Beauty tips aside, confidence is much more important than looking good. Being ready to do something most people can only dream of will open up all sorts of doors in the future. The thing is, if you come off as someone who knows their worth, you’ll quickly make your way in life.  Both men and women love confident people, so if you practice while half-naked in front of unknown men cheering, what can go wrong?

Have Fun

Let’s face it — stripping isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when talking about having a great time. For most people, at least. But, hey, that’s the point. Not only are you different from most people once you go into striptease, but you’re also much more intriguing and fun to be around.

The thing is, you find pleasure and enjoyment in something most people can’t comprehend yet enjoy so much. And as such, you learn to have fun in a unique and somewhat controversial way. It alone makes you more of a character than other people.

Dimly lit clubs with their seductive scenery and aromatic air create a world of their own. The life of a gay stripper is something a few of us get to savor. This experience helps you light up every party you appear at, making you integral to any fun and exciting situation. Moreover, it makes you the main guy.

Manage Your Own Business

In case you didn’t know, stripping isn’t only about working in a dingy nightclub. You can always do it privately. You see, it’s not uncommon for people to pay you good money for private shows at intimate parties.

Sure enough, you’ve seen at least some movie where bachelor parties culminate with a sexy stripper entering a scene. And although we’re here to talk about being a gay stripper, it doesn’t mean you can’t pole dance and take your clothes off for a group of girls and their bride to be.

Also, your time at the club will help you learn a thing or two about handling business. That way, you’ll easily incorporate your experiences working there into your possible future endeavors. Therefore, it’s safe to say that stripping is much more than dirty dancing and dollars hanging from your pants.

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